12 sept. 2011

Villagers - 'The Meaning of the Ritual' .-

My love is selfish
And I bet that yours is too
What is this peculiar word called truth

My love is selfish
Ad it cares not who it hurts
It will cut you out to satisfy its thirst
For the meaning of a ritual so habitual and cursed

My love is selfish
How it separates the earth
It takes every shiny stone but leaves the dirt
For the cowards in the corner who just don't know what they're worth

They've been twisted by a hollow kind of pain
Oh I can see it in their eyes but I ignore it every day

But my love is selfish
And remembers everything
Like the first time it was moved enough to sing
How it dangled on that stage just like a puppet on a string

The meaning of a ritual

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